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Royal Path Master Teachings... an archive of sacred knowledge, courses and programs. Recognized as one of the world's most treasured repositories of enlightened teachings, The Royal Path Archives house over three-decades of the master's teachings. Her online courses offer a full spectrum of meditation experience, for the sacred art of activating elevations of transcendent consciousness and course on many timely topics. As the Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy, she convenes The Methods of the Masters, using the exalted principles of The Great Masters. Having received the direct transmission of The Royal Path at the feet of enlightened masters in the Himalayas of Tibet and India, she is a mantle bearer for passing the sacred from the east to the west. Her transmission of divine presence elites sustained connection to the master-self and higher states of consciousness.

Omni Meditation.... The profound method of direct transmission, Omni Meditation is an exquisite path of awakening, due to its practical applications for all aspects of self mastery, and divine service, as well as a phenomenal method of direct access to the spiritual realms and self-realizaton. A catylst for tens of thousands of students around the world, the method is endowed with the supreme potency of the Rishi's divine transmission and the amplification of the spiritual hierarchy. Based upon the divine science of transcendent alignment, illumination and sacred knowledge, yet the practice is grounded in practical application of the teachings into everyday life. The Rishi's mediations and intensives are offered on a private basis by invitation, request for attendance or being sponsored by an initiate of the path. 

Sedona Gateway Retreats... The Rishi also offers her The Sedona Gateway Retreats, her Path of Enlightenment program for mentoring initiates, adepts and spiritual protégées, whose inner-imperative is to embody the illumination states, to bring the raja of enlightenment, mastery and excellence into all aspects of their endeavors of divine service. The program is offered by application and acceptance. 

Private Meditations and Retreats...  We are unique in our approach, by offering the profound nature of the Rishi's appearances, audiences, meditations and retreats solely on a private basis, by invitation or accepted request in respect of profound nature of her divine transmission as an enlightened master and living rishi. She especially welcomes those initiates who see the flowering of enlightenment as their life imperative. The supra genius state, the new potential for omni awakening, is her divine calling and her Path of Enlightenment is her clarion call to choose whose time has come, as she seeks to mentor a minimum of twelve souls through the thresholds of God Consciousness in the coming years. Please feel warmly welcomed to request attendence.

Online Sacred Learning... Her online courses, guided meditation, sacred knowledge teachings and discourses for self-mastery are on offered to all seeking souls, to provide the potent transmission of her teachings on an international basis. The Omni Institute is dedicated to the Rishi's life mission of global awakening and transformational mastery, in support of her tireless devotion to opening the enlightenment gateway for seekers, initiates and adepts around the world. We welcome all students of life, from beginners, to advanced and seasoned practitioners to embrace the profound powerful nature of divine transmission for inner growth and awakened mastery that is offered online.  We are posting her audio and video teachings and discourses on an   ongoing basis, and hope to soon have her entire archive of teachings available online.  

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Personal Comments


"I simply can not imagine a training that gives so much, covers so much and cares so much. After many, many methods over the years, thank God, I have found my meditation path. What a difference!"

- Julio Williams MD, long-term meditation practitioner


"Not until experiencing Rishi Devra's program have I ever felt such a profound, vast, life-changing experience. My life will never be the same."

- Linda Peterson, transformational therapist


“After years of struggling with my meditation practice, I have had a tremendous breakthrough. Thank you Rishi - Your meditations are beyond amazing!”

- Mary Maurer, master acupuncturist, owner of Asian Healing Arts


"Acceleration on my path has been exponential due to the sheer power of her divine energy transmissions. This experience is indescribable - other teachings pale in comparison."

- Alan McDonald, space engineer, long-term meditation practitioner

Omni Meditation  

The Signature Method

Rishi Devra Adi Maa

Rishi Regent of the Royal Path


The profound Method of Divine Transmission

 A truly empowering meditation path of proven effectiveness for expansive shifts in higher consciousness and lasting elevations of awareness. A consummate master of the transcendent states of omnipresence, the Rishi’s signature method has served as a catalyst for meditative mastery for thousands of students worldwide. For a truly unparalleled sacred knowledge training, that activates the experiential elevation of expanded states of transcendence, the Rishi's online course is a must-have for your at home library; a direct transmittal of omnipresence and sacred knowledge that enhances and accelerates all modalities and previous levels of experience with the sacred emanation of illumination and the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings, for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners alike. 

THE MASTER TRAINING and pathway to self-realization, that empowers you to hold and sustain divine alignment, transcend the ego-mind, open third eye sensitivity, deepen heart-centered awareness, access your higher-self, soul energy & master-self, make connection to your spiritual guides and masters, enhance all modalities of meditative focus, receive influxes of spiritual quickening and divine energy, attain equanimity and compassion and receive sacred knowledge transmittals that prepare initiates to take initiation. 

ILLUMINATION I - Online Mastery Training   
A phenomenal compilation of discourses, transmissions, sacred knowledge, diagrams, guided meditations, videos and inspirational visuals.
$225 course fee * inclusive of all course materials. Click Here

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Learn the Rishi’s profoundly transcendent method via the online course

ILLUMINATION II  - Omni Meditation Personal Mastery Training 
Dates TBA   3-Day Intensive   10am - 2pm   

Meditation with the Master. Receive the direct transmission of Omni Meditation with Rishi Devra and experience the phenomena of this powerful gateway for transcending the ego-mind, and finding calm and equilibrium in your life. Awaken your mind and heart - learn to meditate as the masters meditate! An exceptional opportunity for an exquisitely uplifting  3-day training program to become certified in the revered "Method of the Masters" as conveyed, transmitted and taught by the Rishi.  
Course fee: $600   click here

ILLUMINATION III - Omni Meditation Teacher's Certification
Jan 27  thru  Jan 29    3-Day Intensive    10am - 4pm     

Teaching meditation is a deeply rewarding and fulfilling endeavor, whether you work with groups locally, nationally or with private clients. Teaching Omni Meditation, however, is the profound life-changer, game-changer for both teacher and student, due to the transmission nature that moves through the method through the grace and empowerment offered by Rishi Devra and the Royal Path Tradition of Master Teachers. To become a certified teacher of Omni Meditation brings an influx of divine energy, light and illumination into your life. To become a master teacher changes your life altogether. The Rishi personally welcomes you to step through this auspicious gateway of transformation and mastery. This is the meditation mastery training but also a life mastery training that launches your New Beginning!  
Course fee: $750   click here

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